Animal Sound Lab

The installation Animal Sound Lab is involving a sound piece and ephemeral installations using local materials.

The sound piece is installed in Orkhon Valley (Mongolia) in an animal shelter used by nomads during the winter. The recordings are the intermediate sounds that animals and people are exchanging in the everyday nomadic life style.

The shape of the installations is inspired by sounds coming from Mongolian language that are used to communicate with animals. For example the way to whistle to horses when they are in a drinking spot, a sound close to wind. There are also many examples in shamanist rituals where the shaman call the spirit of the deer to sacrifice itself.

There is a long list of intermediate sounds that is like a secret language in between animals and men.

Project in collaboration with Tamir Samandbadraa Purev.

Animal Sound Lab is commissioned and supported by Land Art Mongolia Biennale 360°, Orkhon Valley, Union of Mongolian Artists - Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, August 2014.

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